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Center Membership

There are four levels of membership in the Columbia Population Research Center: Faculty, Affiliates, Associates, and Fellows. New CPRC faculty, affiliates, associates, and fellows may be nominated by existing CPRC members and are appointed by recommendation of the co-directors and a majority vote of the Steering Committee.


Columbia University faculty or research scientists engaged in population-based research that fall into one or more of CPRC's Primary Research Areas or, occasionally, into other thematic areas that fall within the purview of the Demographic and Behavioral Sciences Branch of NICHD.


Columbia University faculty, research scientists, or staff whose substantive research interests are highly related to CPRC Primary Research Areas, but whose research is either primarily clinical or primarily historical/political and thus not population-based.


Individuals from other universities as well as the larger NYC Community (e.g., the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the United Nations, and many others) who collaborate closely with CPRC faculty either currently or prospectively.


Advanced doctoral students or postdoctoral fellows at Columbia who work with CPRC faculty.