Date posted: 4.4.2016

Fragile Families Work Group Seminar - April 7

"Beyond the social context: Thinking about child contributions in transactional models of development" presented by Michael MacKenzie

Date posted: 3.31.2016

Justice Working Group Meeting - Apr 1

“What is Racism?: Innovations in Measurement and Implications for Racial Health Disparities” by Dr. Courtney D. Cogburn and “Rethinking 'Fair Chance' Laws: Criminal Stigma and the Effects of Inclusion and Omission of Criminal-Record Disclosure Questions in the Job Market” by Michael J. Naft

Date posted: 3.22.2016

CPRC Seminar - March 24

Gina Wingood, "Using Churches to Develop and Scale Out Evidence Based Health Prevention: A focus on Social Justice"