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High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing (HPC) refers to using either supercomputers, or clusters of computers linked together, to function as a single computer. With HPC, users usually log into one central manager system and submit computing jobs using specialized software (examples include Condor, Sun Grid Engine, and Torque/Maui) which manages where and when the jobs are run.

Yeti Shared HPC Cluster

Yeti is a joint purchase and partnership among ten research groups/departments, CUIT and the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research, facilitated by the Shared Research Computing Policy Advisory Committee (SRCPAC), and is also supported in part by Arts & Sciences, the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, and New York State.***

Individuals who do not have access to Yeti as part of the ten purchaser research groups/departments will be accommodated through a fee-based HPC renter service for an individual for one year, which we expect to be available by the end of 2013, and a free tier of service with lower priority that will be available following the renter service.

Yeti consists of:

  • 2672 cores, 167 nodes (16 cores per node):
  • 61 HP SL230 Gen8 nodes with Dual Intel E5-2650v2 Processors (2.6 GHz):
    • 10 standard memory nodes (64 GB)
    • 3 high memory nodes (256 GB)
    • 48 FDR Infiniband nodes (64 GB)
  • 5 HP SL250 Gen8 nodes (64 GB) with Dual Intel E5-2650v2 Processors (2.6 GHz) and NVIDIA K40 GPU (2 per node) supplying 28,800 GPU cores
  • 97 HP SL230 Gen8 nodes with Dual Intel E5-2650L Processors (1.8 GHz):
    • 38 standard memory nodes (64 GB)
    • 8 medium memory nodes (128 GB)
    • 35 high memory nodes (256 GB)
    • 16 FDR Infiniband nodes (64 GB)
  • 4 HP SL250 Gen8 nodes (64 GB) with Dual Intel E5-2650L Processors (1.8 GHz) and NVIDIA K20 GPU (2 per node) supplying ~20,000 GPU cores
  • 160 TB NetApp FAS6220 scratch storage
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL6) and Torque/Moab

***The new shared cluster includes support from New York State Empire State Development, Division of Science Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR) Contract C090171, awarded April 15, 2010.

To request an account or to learn more about the cluster please contact Michael Weisner (212) 851-2229 or email