Curtis Skinner

Director, Family Economic Security, National Center for Children in Poverty


Curtis Skinner, Ph.D. directs the Family Economic Security program at the National Center for Children in Poverty, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University.  A labor economist, his primary research interests address changes in United States labor markets for less-educated workers and the causes and consequences of child poverty.  Current research projects include the take-up of public benefits in mixed-immigrant families with citizen children and non-citizen parents; developing comprehensive poverty measures for states and localities; and state best practices in protecting the social safety net in the aftermath of the Great Recession.  Dr. Skinner has worked as a researcher and policy analyst for several non-profit organizations and government, including the Office of the New York City Comptroller, Community Service Society, Labor Research Association, and Citizens Housing and Planning Council. He has taught economics and statistics at several universities in the New York City area and published in peer-reviewed journals, including Journal of Economic Issues, Urban Affairs Review, Journal of Urban Affairs, Social Policy, and Research in Political Economy.

Departmental Biography 

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