Frances A. Champagne

Associate Professor, Psychology, Columbia University


Professor Champagne is Associate Professor of Psychology.  She is involved in several CPRC initiatives focused on the understanding of gene-environment interactions.  Professor Champagne’s research explores the implications of the interplay between genes and the environment in shaping development and the role of epigenetic mechanisms in linking experiences with developmental outcomes.  Professor Champagne uses rodent models to study epigenetics, neurobiology, and behavior and also collaborates with clinical researchers who would like to apply the study of epigenetics to better understand origins of variation in human behavior.  In addition to investigating the modulating effects of mother-infant interactions, Professor Champagne is currently exploring a broad array of social influences and environmental exposures.


Professor Champagne's Departmental Biography Page

Champagne2.jpg Frances A. Champagne
Room 315
Schermerhorn Hall
New York, NY, 10027