Michael J. MacKenzie

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work


Professor MacKenzie has over fifteen years of experience working with severely abused and neglected children in residential care in Ontario, Canada. This work with children whose early childhood experiences have profoundly shaped the course of their lives sparked his passion for improving the lives of maltreated children and those growing up in out of home care through his work on early relationship intervention strategies and alternative models of care when maintaining families is not possible. Dr. MacKenzie is also certified in the use of the NICU Network Neurobehavioral Scale (NNNS) for the comprehensive assessment of newborn infant neurobehavioral functioning. The NNNS is especially well suited for at risk infants and those with prenatal substance exposure, and has been a useful clinical tool for providing depressed mothers and other vulnerable groups with a sense of connection with their new baby. Professor MacKenzie’s current research interests include: Dynamic Processes in Human Development over the Lifespan; Social, Familial and Biological Transactions in Developmental Psychopathology; Child Maltreatment Prediction and Prevention in Early Childhood; Foster Care Placement Trajectories and Models of Group Care; and Child Welfare Policy and Practice.

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