Stéphane Helleringer

Assistant Professor of Population and Family Health, Mailman School of Public Health


Stéphane Helleringer is a social demographer with interests in the factors affecting the transmission of HIV, as well as in demographic surveillance systems and methods of mortality estimation. Over the past few years, he has conducted a study of sexual networks on a small island of Lake Malawi (Likoma) affected by a generalized HIV epidemic. This work has provided the first ?map? of a sexual network through which HIV has spread extensively. More recent work has focused on the impact of partnership concurrency on population-level HIV exposure, and has documented high rates of HIV sero-discordance in concurrent partnerships. Helleringer is currently developing studies linking survey and demographic surveillance data, in order to design improved data collection strategies for mortality estimation.

Professor Stéphane Helleringer's Departmental Biography
Mailman School of Public Health
60 Haven Avenue, B-2
New York, NY 10032