Anahid S. Modrek

PhD Candidate, Developmental Psychology

Psychology & Human Development 


Anahid Modrek is a doctoral student in Developmental Psychology, Her research interests involve the intersection of cognitive science, self-regulation, as well as socioeconomic variation and its effects on equity in education. Miss Modrek conducted a study across three boroughs of New York, where she is investigating cognitive regulation and behavior regulation differentially predicting to junior high students’ learning skills versus their grades and standardized test scores. Her preliminary findings have been presented at the Association of Psychological Science (APS) conventions. Prior to coming to Columbia, Miss Modrek received her Bachelors degree from UC Berkeley where she studied Psychology, and Public Policy at the Goldman School. Miss Modrek was selected as an Arthur Zankel Urban Research Fellow in 2012, and re-invited to repeat the fellowship in 2013. Alongside her PhD in Developmental Psychology, Miss Modrek simultaneously received an M.S. in Applied Statistics.

Miss Modrek is a Luys Foundation scholar, and is being funded internationally for the promotion of cognitive development and well-being in children and young adolescents.

anahidphoto(1).png Anahid S. Modrek