Computing Support

Columbia Population Research Center (CPRC) computing resources

The Computing, Data, Information Core maintains a centralized inventory of information about computing support services available on each of Columbia’s campuses.  The CMC provides support for computationally intensive computing through a shared arrangement with the Program for Economic Research in the Department of Economics (PER). Under that arrangement, CPRC faculty have remote and secure access to the Economics UNIX server.  The CMC assists with negotiating licensing arrangements for use of restricted or proprietary datasets and configure secure sites that meet the most stringent data security requirements. The CMC helps researchers develop plans for the secure storage of confidential data and provides restricted Windows-based workstations for use of highly sensitive data.  To ensure consistent coverage of research computing, the CMC is providing supplementary hardware and software support to CPRC faculty and affiliates. Hardware support includes troubleshooting problems, working with service providers for repairs covered by warranty, installation of replacement parts, consulting and assistance with the purchase of new systems. Software support will include coordinating purchases and managing license agreements, and installation and updating of software for virus protection, word processing, database management, and statistical analysis. The CMC also coordinates backup services for faculty and affiliates and their project computers and assists with retrieval of lost files. The Methodology Core inventories and facilitates access to existing methodological resources throughout the Columbia University system; strengthens graduate student, post doctoral, and junior faculty development in quantitative and qualitative methodologies for population research; provides an institutional home for ethnographic, community-based participatory research and mixed method approaches to population research; and organizes conferences, seminars, and workshops on cutting edge methodologies. The methodology core also provides full service GIS support and consulting.