Computing Support

Computing Services

The purpose of the Computing and Methodology Core (CMC) is to support computation and data collection requirements for empirical research in population health at CPRC. It is co-chaired by Thomas A. DiPrete, Andrew Rundle, and Julien Teitler, and its services are detailed below.  Technical support is provided by Michael Weisner, Assistant Research Systems Engineer.  

Facilitating Access to Existing Computing Resources at Columbia

To enable CPRC researchers to take full advantage of existing resources and to steer them to resources suitable to their changing needs, the CMC maintains a centralized inventory of information about computing support services available on each of Columbia’s campuses.

Supporting Computing for Computationally Intensive Analyses

The CMC provides support for computationally intensive computing through a shared arrangement with the Program for Economic Research in the Department of Economics (PER). Under that arrangement, CPRC faculty have remote and secure access to a shared High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster.  

Data Management

The CMC is in the process of establishing a dedicated domain on a Columbia University server that CPRC faculty and affiliates will be able to access for efficient sharing of data and documentation. Additionally, the CMC will assist with negotiating licensing arrangements for use of restricted or proprietary datasets and configure secure sites that meet the most stringent data security requirements. The CMC helps researchers develop plans for the secure storage of confidential data and provides restricted Windows-based workstations for use of highly sensitive data.

Desktop Computing Support

To ensure consistent coverage of research computing, the CMC is providing supplementary hardware and software support to CPRC faculty and affiliates (including graduate students who work on CPRC projects). Hardware support includes troubleshooting problems, working with service providers for repairs covered by warranty, installation of replacement parts, consulting and assistance with the purchase of new systems. Software support will include coordinating purchases and managing license agreements, and installation and updating of software for virus protection, word processing, database management, and statistical analysis. The CMC also coordinates backup services for faculty and affiliates and their project computers and assists with retrieval of lost files.

Publication Acknowledgement

As the CPRC is federally funded, members of the CPRC who utilize CPRC resources for their projects must acknowledge the CPRC in any and all publications that benefited from CPRC support.The suggested acknowledgement is as follows:

“Research reported in this publication was supported by the Columbia Population Research Center, which is funded by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute Of Child Health & Human Development of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number P2CHD058486. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health."

CPRC members' publications must be uploaded to PMC (CPRC staff can assist with this if needed). CPRC members' publications are included in the CPRC's progress reports and in its renewal process.