Computing Support


Document Finder: Keyword search for documentation items on this site.

Questionnaires: Representations of interviews in "box-and-arrow" format.

Concordance: The question concordance is a tool for cross-referencing survey questions by content across time for all biennial interview years. Each record in a retrieval set contains a link to the appropriate codebook section, allowing the user to see data element details (jump instructions, variable description, question text, user notes, and codeframe). For years 1995 and beyond, cross-reference information is available for core and exit interview variables that are appear in multiple waves.

Data Desciptions: Information on how to use public release datasets, including details on content, data manipulation techniques, cross-wave merging and other items of interest.

Codebooks: Links to online HTML codebooks for biennial and off-year data products

Content: Overview of content by section for each interviewing year (linked to questionnaire)

Modules: Module Descriptions: Overview of experimental module content for each interviewing year (linked to questionnaire)

Imputations: Information on imputation products currently available to the public.

Survey Design: Overview of HRS design and methodology

Data Alerts:  Data release errors, omissions, notes and corrections.

User Guides: These documents explain the concepts, measures, and questions in the HRS surveys. They expand upon the information found in codebooks, questionnaires and data descriptions.

Family Data: Resources for Analysis of Family Data: Reference materials pertaining to HRS data content related to family issues. Includes direct links to questionnaire areas, codebook content and bibliographic materials, as well as other relevant material.