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Social Science Computing Committee Virtual Machine System

Social Science Computing Committee Virtual Machine System:

The SSCC has recently acquired and is constructing a new large data processing system that will allow users with extreme storage and RAM needs to create and use custom virtual machines that are built to address their specific data needs. The system, freely available to all SSCC members including CPRC members, fills the gap between users who need more processing power than a desktop computer and more storage than the shared HPC systems. Some aspects can be changed as need be, such as expanding RAM temporarily. The system is not for use of sensitive data of any kind, but does fill requirements to keep data located on Columbia’s campus unlike third party cloud services like Amazon Web Services. The system is set to be operational in December, 2015. The system will be relatively open ended in purpose, allowing users to configure their virtual machines to their needs. Advanced familiarity with high performance computing and analysis is recommended for this service.