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Syncing Files

Syncing Files

Morningside: Non-sensitive files can be synced using DropBox, Google Drive (Lion Drive for Lionmail users), Evernote, SharePoint, or other third party services. CUIT does not have any file syncing services.

CUMC: There is no full syncing system for CUMC computers, but you  can use the Shared Drive (P:// Drive) to access files from multiple locations.

Currently (October 2015) there is an ongoing pilot of the SpiderOak backup and syncing software available to MSPH faculty and staff. SpiderOak is a secure service that can be used to back up and sync files, including sensitive files as long as the rules and regulations governing that data’s security permit it.

Future Services: In Summer 2015 Columbia signed a business agreement with SpiderOak, a secure cloud based backup and syncing service. The service is currently being certified for sensitive data but is still useable by Columbia affiliates who pay for the service for nonsensitive file backup and syncing services.