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Using the Data

Using the Data

Public-use and contractual data offer endless options in the types of analysis, choices of data, and presentation. Users of the Add Health data have found that managing such large, complex datasets can be challenging, involving complicated skip patterns, multiple response categories and choices, inter-questionnaire ID matching, and other advanced data structures. As a service to the research community, Add Health offers the following resources on this Web site:

  • user guides to explain weighting and biomarkers and to help with understanding and analyzing Add Health data
  • program codes written in SAS and tested

Questionnaire Codebooks for Waves I, II, III and IV

Add Health Wave I, Wave II, Wave III and Wave IV instruments are available in codebook form. The codebooks contain the original questions, variable names, and response frequencies. The codebooks are pdf files compressed into ZIP files for faster downloading. After you have downloaded the files, use a decompression software to unzip them and Adobe Reader to view and print them.


For reference, index files (*ndx) list all the questions and corresponding variable names in seven of the Wave I, Wave II, and Wave III instruments. The index files are also pdfs compressed into ZIP files and require downloading and decompression.

Section-Variable Lists

A shorter reference, section-variable lists provide the names of each section and the corresponding variable prefixes for each section in the Wave I, II, III and IV In-Home Interviews. The section-variable lists are not compressed; readers can view, print, or save from any browser.