Congratulations to Josha Goodman, CPRC Fellow!

We are pleased to announce that CPRC fellow Joshua Goodman has accepted a position as an Assistant Professor at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government beginning July 1. Joshua has been affiliated with the CPRC for the past two years. He studies the Economics of Education. His dissertation consists of three essays. Over the 1980s, most states increased requirements for high school graduation. Joshua's first essay shows that increases in mathematics requirements did in fact increase the number of mathematics courses taken. However, children from poorer backgrounds took greater numbers of basic math courses, while children from richer backgrounds took greater numbers of advanced math courses. Joshua follows the affected cohorts in the Census data and finds that the tougher math requirements raised wages among African American males, and among higher SES whites. Joshua's second essay analyzes the effect of a Massachusetts program that guaranteed tuition at state college to students who achieved grades higher than a given cutoff. Using regression discontinuity methods, he finds that the program did not increase overall college attendance, but did encourage students to attend public rather than private colleges. His third essay examines the effect of the program on credit constraints, and argues that only low income students of high ability appear to have been credit constrained in Massachusetts.