Seminar Series

Fragile Families Working Group

Fall 2019

Select Thursdays, 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Columbia School of Social Work, Room 1109

1255 Amsterdam Avenue (between 121st and 122nd Street)


Princeton Veiwership:

If you would like to attend the working group via Princeton, please contact 

October 17

Social Interactions of Adolescents with Chronic Health Conditions
Kelly Noonan, Hope Corman, Nancy Reichman, Manuel 
Jiménez (live at Princeton University)

October 24

Child Support Enforcement and Nonresident Fathers’ Accumulation of Arrears
Lenna Nepomnyaschy, Maureen Waller, Daniel Miller, Allison Dwyer Emory (live at Princeton University) 

November 21 

Timing of Mothers’ Return to Work after Childbearing
Catherine Doren & Katie Donnelly 
(live at Princeton University)

December 5

Epigenetic and Genetic Associations in Fragile Families
Dan Notterman, Lisa Schneper, Colter Mitchell (live at Princeton University)

December 12

Using Paradatato Evaluate Youth Participation in a Digital Diary Study
Marta Tienda & Dawn Koffman (live at Princeton University)