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Wednesday April 3

Getting Ready for Serious HIV Data Analyses
CPRC Mini-Workshop co-sponsored by ICAP
60 Haven B-2, Main Conference room  

Since 2015, ICAP has collaborated with 12 countries in Africa to conduct population-based HIV impact assessment surveys, the PHIA surveys.  These surveys are state-of-the-art including point-of-care HIV and other STI  testing  in  the respondents’ homes at the time of the survey, coverage of pediatric and elderly populations not included in the DHS assessment of HIV status, and inclusion of a full range of biomarkers needed to assess recency of infection, adherence to anti-retrovirals, and achievement of viral load suppression.  With the stratification used in the sampling plan and samples of around 20-30,000 individuals, the data are nationally representative down to the regional or other subnational level and provide key data for developing appropriate targeting of HIV testing and treatment strategies.  Like the DHS, standardized modules and data processing formats were used, enabling detailed multi-country analyses.

Beginning in February 2019, the data from these surveys are beginning to be released to the public, and we want to make sure that the Columbia Population Research Center researchers know how to access and use the data.   This workshop will introduce researchers to the findings from the surveys from the first ten countries for which we have preliminary reports and the most outstanding findings from the surveys to-date, the PHIA website, with its complete documentation of the surveys and access to the datasets, and the data visualization site through which researchers will access the data.  Currently, data from ZAMPHIA (conducted in Zambia) are available at the ICAP website, but soon the data from Malawi, Eswatini, and Zimbabwe will be available.   

After the initial presentation of the findings (roughly 30 minutes), the rest of the workshop will be devoted to demonstrating how to access the data and use the data visualization site.

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Friday May 3

Annual Children, Youth, & Families Conference
a mini-conference co-sponsored by the CPRC
Columbia School of Social Work, Room 311/312  

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Thursday May 23

Annual Poverty Conference
a mini-conference co-sponsored by the Center for Poverty and Social Policy and the CPRC
Location TBD

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