Upcoming Events

Monday November 26

Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS 
a PRA convening

To continue our discussion and planning, we will meet again on Monday, November 26th, at 4pm in Room 532A at Mailman School of Health (remote participation will be possible). 

The purpose will be to continue brainstorming in the area of sex ed and sexual assault (with the overarching theme being sexual health). We also plan to meet in the winter to focus on issues of methods that came up during the recent meeting


Wednesday November 28

Poverty Tracker 101: An Introduction to a New Dataset Tracking Poverty and Hardship in NYC 
CPRC Lunchtime Data Workshop

Since late 2012, the Columbia Population Research Center and the Center on Poverty and Social Policy have been collecting innovative new survey data from representative panels of adults in New York City. Dubbed the "Poverty Tracker," the study surveys New Yorkers every three months, collecting detailed information on income poverty, material hardship, health, and other forms of disadvantage and wellbeing. The first panel was surveyed for two years starting in late 2012, and a second panel is currently being surveyed for four years starting in 2015 (with new adults added to the panel in 2017). This data workshop will introduce attendees to the structure of the data and provide helpful information on how to access and use the datasets to understand dynamics of poverty and disadvantage in New York City and many other important research, policy, and program questions. 

RSVP required