New Grant Awarded to Irwin Garfinkel

Irwin GarfinkelIrwin Garfinkel, co-director of CPRC and Mitchell I. Ginsberg Professor of Contemporary Urban Problems in the Faculty of Social Work, was awarded the Global Public Policy Research Grant for the proposal entitled “Social Benefits and Income Inequality in Post-Socialist China and Vietnam."

Garfinkel is undertaking this project in collaboration with Martin Evans, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford Department of Social Policy and Social Work, and Qin Gao, Assistant Professor at the Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service.

Using newly available national household survey data, Garfinkel, Evans and Gao will compare the sizes and structures of the social benefit systems in China and Vietnam to examine the impacts of social benefits on income inequality. The goal of this study is to understand the social welfare developments in China and Vietnam from a comparative perspective and to draw policy lessons for each other.