Andrew Rundle

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology


Dr. Rundle is an Associate Professor of Epidemiology in the Mailman School of Public Health.  He is a member of CPRC’s steering committee and is the co-convener of the Primary Research Area in Urbanism.   Dr. Rundle also directs the CPRC’s Geographic Information Systems consulting service.  Dr. Rundle’s work focuses on the causes, and cancer related consequences, of obesity, with a major focus on how neighborhood built and social environments shape physical activity and dietary patterns.  He and his team are also developing new methods to measure neighborhood contexts and apply these data to studying neighborhood effects on health.  You can visit his team web site, Built Environmental and Health Research Group, here.


Professor Rundle's Departmental Biography Page

Mailman School of Public Health
622 West 168th Street
7th Floor, Room 730
New York, New York 10032