Anne Conway

Assistant Professor of Social Work


Anne Conway is an Assistant Professor of Social Work and a faculty member of the Columbia Population Research Center.  Dr. Conway focuses on  (1) identifying factors that predict children’s ability to engage in adaptive self-management and regulation of emotion, behavior, sleep, and neurocognitive function (i.e. focusing attention and ignoring distractions), and (2) determining whether these abilities help protect children from the development of health and mental health problems.


Dr. Conway has made important contributions to the field with research that has been cited in over 1, 700 publications.  From her research, Dr. Conway has identified and reported findings documenting pronounced disparities in neurocognition (executive functions) based on parental income and education in children entering kindergarten throughout the United States.  She has also identified and reported numerous findings on distinct links between early parenting in the prediction of children’s neurocognition (executive function), emotion regulation, and sleep. By taking a personalized approach in this line of work, she has contributed to the understanding of individual differences in children’s temperament in the regulation of emotion, attention, and sleep and associations with behavior problems and depression to help inform mental health intervention efforts.  Examples of Dr. Conway’s original contributions include reporting the first set of findings documenting variations in associations between parenting and early executive function based on children’s temperament, and the first set of findings showing long-term health and mental health effects of 9/11 on young toddlers and their mothers by using a naturalistic, quasi-experimental study.


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