Charles Branas

Anna Cheskis Gelman and Murray Charles Gelman Professor and Chair, Department of Epidemiology


Dr. Branas has conducted research that extends from urban and rural areas in the US to communities across the globe, incorporating place-based interventions and human geography. He has led win-win science that generates new knowledge while simultaneously creating positive, real-world changes and providing health-enhancing resources for local communities. His pioneering work on geographic access to medical care has changed the healthcare landscape, leading to the designation of new hospitals and a cottage industry of national scientific replications in the US and other countries for many conditions: trauma, cancer, stroke, etc. His research on the geography and factors underpinning gun violence has been some of the most impactful work of the past decades, being cited by landmark Supreme Court decisions, Congress, and the NIH Director. Dr. Branas has also led groundbreaking scientific work to transform thousands of vacant lots, abandoned houses and other blighted spaces in improving the health and safety of entire communities. These are the very first citywide randomized controlled trials of urban blight remediation and have shown this intervention to be a highly cost-effective solution to persistent urban health problems like gun violence. He has also worked internationally on four continents and led multi-national efforts, producing dozens of developing nation scientists, health programs for entire nations, citations from the WHO, the EU, and worldwide press coverage.

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