Erica Eliason

Doctoral Student in Social Policy and Policy Analysis, School of Social Work


Erica is a Social Policy and Policy Analysis PhD student, focusing on health policy under the guidance of Dr. Heidi Allen.  Erica’s research focuses on the differential financial protections due to public versus private health insurance coverage and the effects of health insurance access on maternal, child, and reproductive health outcomes.  As a doctoral research assistant, Erica is currently working on the role of Medicaid expansion on preventing evictions and the health effects of a partnership between Humana and Walmart to subsidize healthy foods.  Erica’s research has also included the effects of the ACA dependent coverage provision on preventive sexual and reproductive health service utilization.  Erica holds a MPH in Health Policy Analysis from Columbia University and BA in Health, Science, and Society from Sarah Lawrence College.
erica eliason.jpg Erica Eliason
1255 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10027