Jessica Pac

Graduate Student in Social Policy, Columbia University School of Social Work


Jessica is a PhD student in the Columbia University School of Social Work focusing on social policy analysis under the guidance of Dr. Jane Waldfogel. Jessica’s primary research interests include poverty and income inequality -- especially as cause and consequence of child maltreatment -- and health economics, namely, the early-childhood determinants of adult health and human capital. As a graduate research assistant, Jessica is currently working with CPRC co-Director Jane Waldfogel and Center on Poverty and Social Policy co-Director Chris Wimer first, to measure poverty among foster and kinship families using the Supplemental Poverty Measure, and second, to measure SPM poverty in early childhood. Her first publication explores the effect of foster care maintenance payments on placement disruption, which Jessica will extend with additional child well-being outcomes including child health and placement stability. Jessica’s third research interest is in the long-term human capital returns to investments in the prenatal stage and early childhood.  Jessica is presently assessing the consequences of iodine deficiency disorders and the latent human capital effects of salt iodization programs. Jessica holds a M.A. in Public Administration from Cornell University and a B.A. in International Affairs from the University of Colorado at Boulder.
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