Thomas A. DiPrete

Professor of Sociology
Co-Director, Center for the Study of Wealth and Inequality


Professor DiPrete is Giddings Professor of Sociology. He is a member of CPRC's steering committee and co-directs the Computing and Methods Core. DiPrete's research focuses on the socioeconomic life course, on educational outcomes, particularly as they differ for males and females, on the school-to-work transition and particularly the impact of institutional differences in educational and labor market institutions that affect the quality of linkage between school credentials and occupations, and the determinants of persistence rates in post-secondary education. He also researches the managerial and executive labor market, and is particularly interested in the process by which corporations determine their compensation for executives.  His education and life course research focuses on the U.S. and on several Western European countries, and he has recently also started a project on Brazil.


Professor DiPrete's Departmental Biography Page

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