Recipients of the 2008-09 Seed Grant Program

We congratulate the recipients of this round of seed grant awards, named below. Abstracts for each project are available here.

“Improving Recall of Survival and Mortality Events during Retrospective Interviews in Developing Countries: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Supplementary Interviewing Techniques”
Stéphane Helleringer (Department of Population and Family Health)
James Phillips (Department of Population and Family Health)

“We Can Be Good Parents: Understanding and Mitigating Reproductive Stigma Against HIV-positive Men and Women”
Jennifer Hirsch (Department of Sociomedical Sciences)
Wafaa El-Sadr
(Clinical Medicine and Epidemiology)
Jessica Justman (Clinical Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology)
Nora J. Kenworthy (Department of Sociomedical Sciences)        

“Monitoring Public Opinion of Immigrants in the U.S.”
Neeraj Kaushal (School of Social Work)
Francisco L. Rivera-Batiz (Teachers College)      

"Latent Structure Models for Social Networks Using Aggregated Relational Data”
Tian Zheng
Tyler McCormick (Statistics)