Research Areas

Kids Tracker Study

Kids Tracker is the CPRC's new study of New York City parents with young children. Working with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, we have launched a panel study of the conditions that lead to a better quality of life for families with children. Our study, supported by Robin Hood, focuses on the critical early years of child development, beginning when children are 0-3 years old.

Kids Tracker study participants can join the CPRC study after they complete the Department of Health's NYC Kids survey, a large-scale survey of parents in New York City that began in June 2017. The Kids Tracker study sample includes parents who have at least one child under the age of 3 at the time of the Department of Health survey.

If respondents agree to be contacted by Columbia, our study team follows up with periodic surveys about key childhood conditions and transitions, such as child care and early schooling. Also included are experiences such as household disruptions, health problems, job loss, and material hardship, which can challenge families and impact children. We will consider how parents reach out to family, community, and public/private resources to deal with these challenges.

Research questions include:

  • How families make decisions about child care
  • How parents of young children juggle work, family, and other commitments
  • How parents handle health challenges - both their own and their children's
  • How public and private social services help out, and what other services might be needed to help families with children get through hard times
  • What resources help young children stay healthy and make a successful transition to school