Research Areas

NYC Business Establishments


These datasets contain locations, characteristics (number of employees and sales volume), and classifications of businesses in NYC. Dun & Bradstreet and InfoUSA are commercial vendors of business data that maintain databases of microdata on U.S. business locations.

Data Source:  Dun & Bradstreet (, InfoUSA (

Unit of aggregation: block group, tract, custom buffer around an address, ZIP code

Categories of variables: Counts, densities and walking distances to of a large variety of business types

Examples of variables: Count or density of national chain fast food restaurants per unit; count or density of pizza places per unit; count or density of supermarkets, grocery stores, or small grocery stores per unit; count or density of convenience stores per unit; count or density of bakeries; count or density of candy, nut and confectionery stores; fruit and vegetable markets; average walking distance or distance to nearest business establishment type

License restrictions: For educational non-commercial use only. Aggregations, or unidentifiable locations, of individual establishments may be made available.