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Unicef MICS Survey

Since 1995, the Unicef Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS) has conducted 275 surveys regarding women and children in 108 countries around the world. Unicef fieldwork teams have conducted face-to-face interviews with household members on topics that primarily affect the lives of children and women.

The MICS datasets have an average sample size around 11,000 households, although it varies between rounds and between countries. Interviewers administer a household questionnaire as well as an individual questionnaire to women and men aged 15 to 49 years and to mothers or caretakers of all children under 5 years of age. As of the 5th round, MICS collects data on more than 130 internationally agreed-upon indicators. MICS also explores knowledge of and attitudes to topics, specific behaviors of individuals within a household, and other insights into behaviors and beliefs that may affect women’s and children’s lives. MICS often disaggregates data in order to reveal disparities associated with age, gender, education, wealth, location of residence, ethnicity and other characteristics.

There are five rounds of MICS datasets regarding Vietnam:

Beginning in 1996 Unicef has collected data every 3-4 years. MICS 2 (2000) through MICS (2010-11) are all currently available online, with final reports aviailable for MICS 1-4 and key findings available from the newest MICS 5 (2013-14) survey.The datasets are provided in SPSS format.

Please Note! You will have to create a MICS website account in order to download the datasets! This will require creating account information and reporting your affiliation and research objective for review by the MICS team.

After creating an account, the datasets can be accessed by the following instructions:

Go to the MICS Survey page

Set the "Any Country" filter to "Viet Nam"

Select the dataset you would like to download.

The survey round fact sheets can be found below:

MICS 1, 1996 Final Report

MICS 2, 2000 English Final Report & Vietnamese Final Report

MICS 3, 2006 English Final Report & Vietnamese Final Report

MICS 4, 2010-11 Final Report

MICS 5, 2013-14 Key Findings Report