Administrative Core

Led by CPRC co-directors Irwin Garfinkel and Constance A. Nathanson, the Administrative Core is charged with realizing the Steering Committee’s vision of the Center. To support CPRC’s mission of advancing population research in its four primary research areas, the Administrative Core provides the following key services: leadership and general administration, coordination of CPRC activities, financial management of CPRC, and assistance with the preparation and submission of cross-departmental and cross-school research proposals.

Leadership and General Administration

The Administrative Core strategically plans and oversees CPRC’s presence in the larger Columbia University and population research communities. It sets the Steering Committee meeting schedules and agendas, represents CPRC in a wide variety of professional and institutional venues, and facilitates relationships with affiliated centers and organizations.

Coordination of CPRC Activities

To stimulate the research activity and interdisciplinary collaborations among CPRC researchers that is at the heart of CPRC’s mission, the Administrative Core coordinates activities relevant to the larger CPRC community and its smaller working groups. The Administrative Core led the development of CPRC’s logo and web site and is responsible for site maintenance. Additionally, it provides administrative and clerical support for the steering committee, other cores, and working groups by arranging rooms, taking minutes, preparing handouts, and setting up seminar video-broadcasts and teleconferences. The Administrative Core also maintains a listserv that enables it to regularly notify CPRC members of recommended seminars, population-related events, and funding opportunities. It also maintains listservs for each Primary Research Area to foster communication within those groups.

Financial Management

The Administrative Core manages Center funds. It coordinates CPRC staff payroll, purchasing (researching products, obtaining bids, preparing requisitions and submitting invoices), and reimbursements. It also oversees the overall CPRC budget as well as budgets for the four Primary Research Area groups.

Proposal Preparation and Submission Support

For collaborative projects cutting across multiple departments, the Administrative Core provides assistance with proposal development and budgeting. For those projects, it also supports preparation of applications to the pertinent Institutional Review Board (IRB).