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The Columbia Population Research Center (CPRC) is a multidisciplinary community of scholars unified by a commitment to research that addresses the health and wellbeing of vulnerable populations in the context of local and global inequalities and that informs policies affecting those populations. CPRC promotes research in four signature areas: children, youth, and families; gender, sexuality, health and HIV; immigration/migration; and urbanism. More

CPRC Calendar


Fragile Families Summer Data Workshop 2014 - June 11 - 13

Fragile Families Summer Data Workshop 2014

Fragile Families Workshop Group - May 22

Anna Haskins, "Neighborhood Incarceration Rates and Children's Educational, Behavioral and Health Outcomes"

"SES Disparities in Health and Development" CYF Mini-Conference

Children, Youth and Family mini-conference on "SES Dispartities in Health and Development"

Fragile Families Workshop Group - May 15

Michael MacKenzie, "Early harsh parenting and child externalizing behavior across the first decade: Moderating effects of cumulative risk and genetic sensitivity"