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The Columbia Population Research Center (CPRC) is a multidisciplinary community of scholars unified by a commitment to research that addresses the health and wellbeing of vulnerable populations in the context of local and global inequalities and that informs policies affecting those populations. CPRC promotes research in four primary areas: children, youth, and families; gender, sexuality, health and HIV; immigration/migration; and urbanism. More

CPRC Calendar


CPRC Seminar - October 27th

“Implementing Human Trafficking Law and Policy: Implications for Survivors" by Alicia Peters

Fragile Families Working Group Seminar - October 20

“Non-heterosexual Teens in Fragile Families: Initial Evidence and Research Opportunities” by Joel Mittleman

Immigration/Migration Conference - October 13

Immigration and Integration: A Comparative View

Fragile Families Working Group Seminar - October 13

“What's up with the Fragile Families Sleep Study, Anyway?” by Lauren Hale