Seminar Series

Fragile Families Working Group

Fall 2017

Select Thursdays, 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Columbia School of Social Work, Room 1109

1255 Amsterdam Avenue (between 121st and 122nd Street)

RSVP required

Video Conference:

Princeton University

Wallace, Room 001

September 21

"Inequalities in the Returns to Childhood Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skills"
Jayanti Owens & Louis Donnelly (live at Princeton University)

September 28

"Update on the Fragile Families Challenge"
Matt Salganik, Ian Lundberg, Alex Kindel, & Sara McLanahan (live at Princeton University)

October 12

"The Role of Fathers in Reducing Inequality in Child Outcomes"
Lenna Nepomnyaschy (live at Princeton University)

October 19

"Family Socioeconomic Status at Birth and Youth Obesity at Age 15; Race and Gender Differences in a National Urban Samples"
Shervin Assari, Alvin Thomas, Cleopatra Caldwell, & Ron Mincy (live at Columbia University)

November 30

"Race, Class, and Sex Differences in Exposure to Police"
Amanda Geller (live at Columbia University)

December 14

"The Role of Welfare State Benefits in Closing the Income Gap Among Different Family Types"
Irwin Garfinkel & Laurel Sariscsany (live at Columbia University)