Seminar Series

Fragile Families Working Group

Spring 2018

Select Thursdays, 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Columbia School of Social Work, Room 1109

1255 Amsterdam Avenue (between 121st and 122nd Street)

RSVP required

Video Conference:

Princeton University

Wallace, Room 001

February 1

"Social Determinants and Influence of Grit on Academic Outcomes"
Leah Gillion (live at Princeton University)

February 8 

"How Sociodemographic Factors, Parenting, Screen Time and School Start Times Matter for Teen Sleep"
Lauren Hale (live at Princeton University)

March 1

"The Creation and Application of Polygenic Scores in the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study"
Colter Mitchell (live at Princeton University)

March 15

"The American Welfare State in the Economic Lives of Children"
Irv Garfinkel (live at Columbia University)


"Genetic Main Effects versus Genetic Moderators: Gene-Environment Interactions in Child Problem Behaviors"
Rebecca Johnson (live at Princeton University) 

May 3

"Growing Up Poor But Doing Well: Contextual Factors That Predict Academic Success"
Radha Jagannathan & Louis Donnelly (live at Princeton University) 

May 10

"Copy Number Variations as a Source of Genetic Heterogeneity"
Kalsea Koss (live at Princeton University)